JerryZondervan counseling coaching

Well, something about me ... In my "previous life" I studied hotel management at HOSTA, in Leysin, French-speaking Switzerland; I was born in Italian-speaking Switzerland, in a small town in the Lugano region. For several years I dedicated myself to the hotel sector in Spain, as a bed and breakfast owner in the province of Malaga. I still continue with the hospitality business, although differently, for example, helping third parties to create new hotels or improve the offer already they have as a consultant basically.

Meanwhile, I continued my studies, specifically in social sciences at the Open University in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, and then I specialized in humanistic counseling and psychotherapies, taking one year at level 4 of the UK system and several credit courses in the US system, online, with the University of California, Berkeley campus, specifically the Greater good science center. I have worked with a lot of people, offering myself as help in couples counseling, as well as with individual situations related to .work, addictions, changes of direction in life, etc ... (Please see some of the testimonies). I get great satisfaction when I see people changing course and following their hearts/intuitive selves.

I also wrote several books on the subject, such as "Feelings and Needs: A doorway to a successful organization through healthy work relationships" (, co-author with Gordana Stankovic) and "Everyday mindfulness for everyday situations" (on Amazon )

So what do I do ... Am I a counselor? Or a personal coach? Or a very specialized social scientist? .Or a writer?

I leave for you the choice of the denomination ... :-)

So come, try a consultation with me for free and you'll see what I can do for you, along with you. I hope to hear from you soon.

See you soon


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